Trishikh Dasgupta

Adventurer, philosopher, writer, painter, photographer, craftsman, innovator, or just a momentary speck in the universe flickering to leave behind a footprint on the sands of time.

It took me 40 years to find my ‘Ikigai’ – the one thing that gives me the greatest joy, and which I wish to pursue throughout my life amidst all the other passions of mine. It is writing short stories.

This website is dedicated to that very passion of mine for writing short stories. Here I write and publish one story every weekend started from August 2, 2020. If God wills I shall always hold on to this promise of mine.

My stories are fiction meshed with reality to bring forth history from geography.

Though I like to write about different things, if you love, or want to know more about India, its people, life, culture, history, heritage, and geography, you will certainly find many of my stories very appealing.

Profession: 20 years in the field of communications and design for the social development sector, advertising, and public relations.